The Retributioners is about a woman's quest to seek validation and revenge on everything from ex-boyfriends, former friends, people who stole her taxi, and everything in between.

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Watch it from the Beginning! Episode 1: The Virginity Pact

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In Episode 1, Stephanie contacts Sean Chambers, an ex-boyfriend from high school. She wants to find out why he broke up with her when they had a virginity pact.

Starring: Stephanie Faith Scott and Tom Patrick Stephens


Episode 15: Debasing April

Stephanie really, really, really, really wants to help her former colleague April land a job.


Episode 12: Oklahoma XMAS Smackdown

Stephanie visits her Oklahoma in-laws for Christmas cheer, but has a bone to pick with her sister-in-law about her son's birthday gift.  Starring Stephanie Faith Scott; Guest Starring Lori Rasmussen, Colin Miller, and Sophie Miller; Written & Directed by Eric Rasmussen