The Retributioners is about a woman's quest to seek validation and revenge on everything from ex-boyfriends, former friends, people who stole her taxi, and everything in between.


We'd like to acknowledge the cooperation of the Screen Actors Guild in the making of The Retributioners.


Christopher Burke (Episode 16, Alex)

CHRISTOPHER BURKE has acted in numerous stage and film productions in and around New York since graduating from The Actors Studio MFA Program in 2001. He has co-written/co-directed over 100 short films (5 web-series, along with a number of pilots, commercial parodies, music videos, and viral videos) for Manic Attack Pictures, LLC, which can all be viewed on Manicattack.com. For more info check out IMDB.com  and CalltoFaction.blogspot.com Thanks to Steph and Eric for inviting me to play!!


Allison Lane (Episode 14, Jessica) ALLISON LANE can be seen as the lead female role in the feature film “The Video Guys” (co-starring Stephanie!!) which just won the BEST COMEDY FEATURE at the IFFF in Hollywood, CA.  Allison also plays a leading role in the Warner Brothers mockumentary series “Viralcom” and co-starred in the feature film "A Four Letter Word" which was just released theatrically across America and is now available on DVD.  She has also appeared in lead roles in several other feature films: "Dear J " with Karen Lynn Gorney from "Saturday Night Fever", “Victoriana”, and “Changing the Odds”, as well as a supporting role in “American Standard”.  Allison has also shot way too many short films and done way too much theatre to list.  She has taken her comedy to the Discovery Channel and "The Amazing Johnathan Special".  Allison and her husband Chris Ritter also created and continue to write the hit web series “Morning Bitch” in which Allison also stars (www.morningbitch.com). To find out more about Allison, visit her on the web: www.AllisonELane.com 



Christine Marie Winburn (Episode 13, Daphne) CHRISTINE MARIE WINBURN has been described as the redheaded “Triple Threat,” who graduated from NYC’s “FAME” High School Of The Performing Arts. She has appeared on TV shows, such as “All My Children,” “Sesame Street,” CBS Blues Specials, numerous ABC After School Specials and National Telethons. Voted “Best Lead Vocalist” in Atlanta, GA 2000 by Creative Loafing Entertainment Newspaper, her vocal pipes can be heard around the US in over 25 national & regional voiceovers, jingles and commercials, as well as the infamous movie soundtracks for “Children of the Corn” and “Children of the Corn II.” Living in Austin, TX now, Christine is proud to vocally perform at rodeos opening for Wynona Judd and Martina McBride, ESPN/ABC, KEYE TV station news and the Grammy winning radio station KVET 98.1. She can do it all.....sing, dance & act!! Christine has loved Stephanie since the theatrical tool class in college and believes in the amazing creative talents of both Stephanie and Eric. Contact info: http://www.acclaimtalent.com/


Lori Rasmussen (Episode 12, Liz Miller)

LORI RASMUSSEN is a native Oklahoman. She is a news reporter with a statewide public television station. She earned a B.A. in journalism from the University of Oklahoma and also attended Oklahoma City Community College as a theatre major. Her hobbies and interests include her children's activities, writing, movies, art, music and college football. She especially enjoys travel, particularly visiting new cities and learning about different cultures. She and her husband, Greg Miller, have two beautiful children as well as two wonderful dogs.

Colin Miller (Episode 12, Jeff)

COLIN MILLER is a third grader in Edmond, Oklahoma. He enjoys sports, and would like to be a professional athlete, although his mother thinks he should go into law on account of natural born argumentation talent. He enjoys music and excels at the microphone while playing "Rock Band" for the Xbox 360. Colin is the loving brother to Rockwell (Rocky) Calmus, the world's most awesome Boston terrier.

Sophie Miller (Episode 12, Caitlyn)

SOPHIE MILLER is a first grader in Edmond, Oklahoma. She enjoys singing, dancing, gymnastics, reading and watching Hannah Montana. She is enjoying her first year as a Daisy Girl Scout, and would like to be a doctor or hairstylist when she grows up. Sophie is mommy to a pretty little girl Chihuahua, Rosabelle, whom she enjoys dressing up in sparkly pink outfits.


Jeff Pucillo (Episode 10, Noah)

JEFF PUCILLO is a native New Yorker who has just finished playing the lead role in the feature film The Standard Man and has appeared in numerous TV shows including Rescue Me, Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and more. On stage he most recently performed in The Transport Group's production of Bury the Dead and has performed in readings, workshops and full productions at Abingdon Theatre, Adobe Theater, Arclight Theater, AMAS Theatre Lab, Cherry Lane Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Lark Theatre, Naked Angels, New Georges, and more. In 1999 he performed at the Harold Clurman Theatre in the one-man show Félicien entirely in French. Jeff is married, has two daughters, and engineers and races a Formula Ford for relaxation.  More information at www.jeffpucillo.com.


Marni Penning (Episode 9, Hannah)

MARNI PENNING is a northern Virginia native and co-founder of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, for whom she has performed over 35 roles in 10 seasons, including Juliet, Kate, Rosalind, Beatrice, and Hamlet. She now resides in New York, where she has studied at NYC's premiere improv school, Upright Citizens Brigade, and appeared on Saturday Night Live (burning a Martha Stewart cookbook on live national television), Guiding Light, All My Children, Law & Order: SVU,The Sopranos, Mona Lisa Smile. Marni has performed steadily on New York and regional stages all over the USA for the past eight years as well as appearing in several independent films. She currently impersonates Sarah Palin in videos on YouTube and around the country for the popular DC comedy troupe Gross National Product, as well as the character Fannie Mae Feelgood in weekly videos on iGet2Work More information at www.marnipenning.com.


Jessica Arinella (Episode 9, Sasha)

JESSICA ARINELLA has been acting in NYC since graduating with an award for excellence in theatre from Northwestern University, after working with such heavyweights as John Logan and Rosemary Harris. In NYC, Jessica has worked with the Naked Angels on numerous productions, notably in Tape directed by Geoffrey Nauffts, and Democracy co-starring with indie legend Mark Margolis. With On the Leesh, Jessica worked at NY Stage and Film, co-starring in Break opposite Tony Award Winner Frank Wood, and starred in On the Leesh’s first film, What are the Odds? which was a Selection of the 2006 Cannes Short Film Market. She also played the role of Lucy in On the Leesh's first feature film: For Belly. Other Film credits include, The Pink House with Heather Matarazzo and Fred Weller, and Cupidity, directed by John Gallagher, which won the NY Independent Film Festival. She has appeared on the TV shows, Law and Order, Love Monkey, Six Degrees and Rescue Me. Jessica created and founded the Naked Angels Lab, producing and starring in their premier, The Opposite of Fear, as well as joint On the Leesh/Naked Angels Lab production, SIN. Jessica is currently playing the title character in the On the Leesh web series, The In Betweens of Holly Malone as well as Sally in In the Can. Jessica will be taking on the role of Evil Lynn in On the Leesh's upcoming web series, The Sexually.


Samia Akudo (Episode 9, Diana) 

SAMIA AKUDO was born and raised in West London, England by wonderful Nigerian Parents. With her strong belief that "You cannot discover new waters until you have the courage to leave the shore," she moved to Paris, France for a few years after completing High School.  Samia got her first introduction to acting in a film, Gazon Maudit, with French actress, Josianne Balasko, and an appetite for acting was acquired.  A prompt return to London was made in order to study the craft.  She won positions at the prestigious Drama Center, London with Christopher Fettes and Yat Malgrem and the Guildford School of Acting, where she attained a BA Honors in Acting.  From there the joyful adventure continued with productions such as Vengeance (The Oval House Theater, UK), Macbeth (Edinburgh Festival, 1997), The Bill (ITV Television, UK).  It was a part in the Theatrical production LULU with the Almeida Theater, which toured from London UK to the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, that brought Samia to the United States.  She has been here ever since and loves it.  For more on Samia go to www.samiaakudo.com

Jeff Topf (Episode 8, Gary) JEFF TOPF is originally from Colorado, which is out west, but not quite as far west as California, despite what you may have been told. Jeff earned his B.A. in Theatre at the University of Colorado – Boulder, followed by his M.F.A. in Acting at Brooklyn College – CUNY. He’s also studied with Christine Lavren and Jason Bennett. Currently, he’s studying on-camera commercial technique with Barry Shapiro. Jeff has known both Stephanie and Eric for most of the 21st Century. He met and worked with Stephanie several years ago off-off-Broadway. He first worked with Eric a couple of years ago on the short films Scrabble Rousers and The Guitar Thief. Jeff was very happy to have worked with both of them again recently. He had a great time guest-starring in The Retributioners, and looks forward to working with both Stephanie and Eric again in the future. Film credits include Private Coward in Trench Dreams and Obsessed Man in The Sonnet Project. Theatre credits include Biondello in The Taming of the Shrew, Yepikhodov in The Cherry Orchard, Doctor in Attention Def...Hey, Look, a Dog!, Solomon Schwab in The Housedress, Joe in Swing Set, and the sketch comedy shows Happy Hour and Dysfunctional Sandwich, the latter of which he helped write.

Aaron Mathias (Episode 7, Charlie)

AARON MATHIAS - On a constant search to know and see what I am about through my chosen work - this is the journey of my life. Making films and collaborating with fellow artists on this journey is the most beautiful thing - working on The Retributioners was just that; a group of people who are passionate and dedicated to the telling of a story (and having a lot of fun). Movement, friendship and connection. A passionate interest in people. My gratitude to Stephanie Faith Scott for giving me an opportunity to explore another me. Jihane for love and dealing with a crazy monkey. Blaise, Scotch and cigar always. Lev for showing me it's ok to use your balls. Credits include: Trenches, the new series coming in January from ABC. The Ice Grill USA, The Other Kind of Balance, Force:Trilogy. Fox(Y) Friends. Shopping and F**king, Two of Us, The Big Turnaround, Waiting For Godot.


Keri Setaro (Episode 7, Sadie)  KERI SETARO - NY Theater: The Awesome 80’s Prom (Off- Broadway), The Voyager (An evening of Eugene O’Neill), Alphabet City IV, Walk Two Moons, See Rock City, Women at 4 O’clock, JOE! The Musical and Historic Times. Regional Theater: The Matchmaker (Baltimore Center Stage), Ah, Wilderness! (St. Louis Repertory & Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park) and Proof. London Theater: The Water Engine and The King Stag. Television: “All My Children” and “Law & Order: SVU”, as well as numerous commercials and voice overs. She is a graduate of Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and The London Academy of Theater and has studied with The Barrow Group and the improv group the Groundlings.  For more on Keri, visit the IMDB.

Kevin Prowse (Episode 6, Pervez) KEVIN PROWSE - Theatre: Who Stole the Soul?(HERE Arts Center), No Matinees(CenterStage NY) Karen and Tomas: I Touch Myself and Tours of Duty(DUTF-Cherry Lane Theatre), In the Heart of America (Interact Theatre, PA), The Shoemakers Holiday (Storm Theatre), Periwinkle National Theatre, The Power and the Glory (Storm Theatre); Television /Film credits: Law and Order, Six Degrees, Kidnapped, Maria Full of Grace (2004 Sundance award winner, dir. Josh Marston), Chavez (dir., Khary Jones), as well as various national commercials for clients such as Budweiser, Citibank, FoodNetwork and Nokia.  For more on Kevin, see the IMDB.


Nina Covalesky (Episode 5, Jody LaDorsey)

NINA COVALESKY is a New-Jersey-farm-girl-turned-New-Yorker with a background in writing and investor relations. A proud nerd, she earned a B.A. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University with a year at Oxford's University College before studying acting at Michael Howard Studios.  Improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade prepared her well for working with Stephanie and Eric in her Retributioners' role as whack-job, Jody LaDorsey.  Other online comedy gigs include a turn as a grieving widow in Ironbound Films' McDonald's web series, THE FANTASTIC TWO.

Jessica Myhr (Episode 3, Madison)  JESSICA MYHR is thrilled to have been a part of Stephanie’s web series and for the record does not own a small dog.  Her recent NYC theatre credits include The Cherry Orchard (Anya) with Resonance Ensemble and House of Desires (Dona Ana) with The Storm Theatre.  Regionally, she just finished doing the role of Queen of France in The Three Musketeers in New Jersey.  Jessica works regularly on All My Children as a “sassy nurse”.  She recently finished the sequel short film, Julia, whose prior film, Henry, was selected to be a PBS Special.  She is a MFA graduate of Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University under William Esper. For more information, visit her website www.jessicamyhr.net or the IMDB.

Almeria Campbell (Episode 2, Juanita Crackwhore)  ALMERIA CAMPBELL is a proud graduate of Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. She's recently worked on the film Baby Mama with Tina Fey and Amy Pohler. She's done work on Law and Order C.I. and Guiding Light.  Almeria Is delighted to have channeled Juanita Crackwhore for her episode on The Retributioners.  "Juanita brought out my inner bully and I liked it!"


Tom Patrick Stephens (Episode 1, Sean Chambers)

TOM PATRICK STEPHENS moved to New York from London in 2004. He met Stephanie in L.A. and was thrilled to be cast by her in the pilot of The Retributioners. As well as amassing theater, film and TV credits, Tom is a busy voiceover actor - selling his dulcet tones to the highest bidder to be used in TV, radio, video games (and voice mail messages for friends' cell phones). Tom's other love is music, and he can often be found playing NYC's most sordid nightspots with his band, New York Times.


Little Kitty (Episodes 2, 3, 4, and 6)

LITTLE KITTY first appeared on stage at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Moonchildren by Michael Weller.  Though Little Kitty left us too soon, she showed a wide range of emotions in Episodes 2 and 4.  She contributed heavily to the humor of Episode 6.  In these, she displayed a method acting style worthy of Lee Strasberg.  R.I.P. 8/18/08.