The Retributioners is about a woman's quest to seek validation and revenge on everything from ex-boyfriends, former friends, people who stole her taxi, and everything in between.

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Episode 12 wrapped and Streamy Awards

Streamy Awards

Last week, we taped Episode 12 in Oklahoma!  This one will feature actual family members.  It was a lot of fun to shoot, and we're in the middle of editing it right now, so expect Expiosde 12 real soon!  Don't worry, Part II of Facebook Friend Purge will be released a little bit later.

In other news, the Streamy Awards are now open for nominations! Nominations close January 23, 2009!!!

Please consider us in the following categories:

  • Best Comedy Web Series
  • Best Writing for a Comedy Web Series - Eric Rasmussen
  • Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series - Stephanie Faith Scott
  • Best Guest Star in a Web Series - Take your pick!  We have so many guest stars listed on our Cast page!!!

It's really easy to do, and you don't need to sign up or log in or anything.  All the rules and instructions can be found at The Streamy Awards at http://www.streamys.org/

And finally, I started doing a couple of Vlogs on my Facebook profile, and they are kind of neat!  To check them out, feel free to go to my Facebook Profile.

That's all for now!  I'll update you guys real soon.



Our past events that were newsworthy

10/14/08  Stephanie is a guest on the 'This Week in Media' podcast, hosted by Daisy Whitney.  Listen here: This Week in Media

The Retributioners joins the Axis of Comedy Network and participates in the New York Television Festival!

9/1/08 - Audio interview on Funny not Slutty!

8/19/08 - Episode 1 is on the home page of blip.tv!

6/25/08 - Retributioners mentioned in TVWeek.com

6/2008 - Chris Henchy picks Episode 4: Drunk Dial Party as his favorite pick for the month on Funny or Die.

6/2008 - Stephanie and Eric go to the deadCenter Film Festival 2008 in Oklahoma City.  Eric's film, S&M Queen for a Day, is a selection at the festival.


The Retributioners is mentioned in WebTV HUB.





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