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--*2010 Oscar Moments

What were some of the greatest moments of the 2010 Oscars?

--*The Academy expanded the list of best picture nominees to perhaps draw more interest from mainstream audiences ... and then drove those audiences away again with bizarre interpretive dance numbers that tried to recreate the drama of films like The Hurt Locker.

--*The guy who won for sound effects editing gave a really impassioned speech about the ... oops, guess we had to cut him off for time.

--*A bunch of tech geeks were honored in a separate ceremony, but you can see them struggling for a brief moment of your attention in this group shot. Oh, sorry, we had to cut for commercial.

--*Farrah Fawcett was remembered in the hearts of every academy member. But only in their hearts, because some asshole left her out of the montage.

--*George Clooney is so popular, he can even wear an uncomfortable frown all night just to throw you off and put you on edge. He's just toying with you. And you love it. You bitch.

--*Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin co-hosted and reminded the audience that low-key humility and the ability to poke fun at oneself is an actor's best weapon, you stupid, thoughtless little pigs.

--*Kathryn Bigelow made Oscar history as the first female to win for directing. In honor of the occasion, Italian film legend Lina Wertmuller is going to direct a remake of Point Break.

--*Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for The Blind Side which is only slightly more egregious than Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

--*Mo'Nique reminded us in her speech that the Oscars are not about the politics. Which is inspiring until you realize that winning affordable health care pretty much IS just about politics.

--*Lauren Bacall won a special award. No, we don't want to know how she feels about it.

--*George Clooney racks up another trophy ... girlfriend.

--*Jennifer Lopez looks absolutely stunning in a dress by ... hey wait a minute, what in the fuck is she doing here?

--*Long-winded blowhard director Roger Ross-Williams is interrupted in his acceptance speech for documentary short by crazy-talking schizophrenic martinet experiencing hot flashes.

Image: Francesco Marino / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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    Response: dre beats solo
    In true Silicon Area fashion, Lee started out in his family's basement: taste-testing different varieties connected with copper wire until he found a type that he thought improved audio quality. Then, also in Silicon Valley fashion, he marketed the shit out of it and jacked up the price: Monster Cable. Before ...
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    Response: cheap beats by dre
    Monster was alone.
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    But speakers for your brain? This was the absolute, legit next big matter.
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